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Cornel and Cornelia’s range of styling products is a complete set that caters for all kinds of styling and many types of hair. The essence of this range is a combination of experience and quality. Having worked for over twenty years in the hair and beauty industry respectively,the outcome of years of dealing with products inspired them to create a range of products that could be both affordable and of a really good quality. All the products are made with no alcohol, which gives them their great feel, in your hands and on hair.

Firm Hold Gel Hair Spray

A firm hold gel that sets and styles. The fact that it is alcohol-free makes this gel very unique.

With products which contain alcohol, the alcohol content evaporates as it dries, leaving a flaky

sediment which makes the hair stiffened and hard. This gel leaves hair feeling soft and smooth,

so it can brush into soft, yet still-shapely forms. It has a low glow satin finish. For everyone,

anytime and anywhere, it gives hair texture and flexible hold.

This is an all-rounder product, very versatile in use; it can be build up to give a very firm hold.

It is not a wax, a paste or a crème, it is a beautiful compound that can design looks or hold

looks, as well as support curls, short looks, long straight – anything goes! It is light in terms of

feel, with the strength of a medium to strong wax. It has a creamy texture which spreads

easily, without leaving that waxy layer that hardens and stiffens looks. A brilliant choice for all

hair types and hair lengths.

Goo Goo Clay

A gum substance that has a soft, gentle touch. The matt finish is what defines this product.

A little gives separation to any cut, and a lot gives a more groomed result with a soft,

malleable hold. It has the flexible hold of natural waxes with the structural ability of micro

fibre-reinforced pastes which basically makes this amazingly light elastic clay that allows

you to mould hair with a serious supple hold. A good choice for someone who wishes to

create a very natural look; also great for people with thinner hair.

A firm hold hair spray with a high level of controllability. It is shine-enhancing, non-flaking and

 non-sticky. It is a creative product that doesn’t just act as a holding and firming agent. It has a

subtle perfume fragrance, adds shine and gives strong holds while having a non build-up formula.

Unlike traditional hair sprays which are mere fixative, this spray gives all levels of brush-ability,

workability, hold and any finish you desire.  

This is not a conventional hair spray; its light molecular weight delivers a feather-light finish.

Frizz-fighting and shine-enhancing spray that provides a lovely shine finish without leaving it

greasy and unworkable in the process. This versatile and high-sheen styling product offers

shimmer and polished elegance. Suitable for any hair types, because it does not leave hair oily

and greasy. Great for frizz-prone hair, the shine spray acts as a barrier against humidity and

leaves hair soft and silky. Also great for hair that lacks shine and especially good for naturally

dry or dull hair.

Shine Spray
} { Equaliser Spray

The serum is excellent for adding moisture to dry, damaged ends that are prone to

breakage. At the same time, it acts as a barrier against heat styling, protecting the hair

follicles with a layer or coat of serum. Curly hair that tends to be frizzy and out of place will

become smoothed and controlled. Finish off a style with a layer of shine, leaving hair

looking healthy and sleek. At the same time, the serum contains sun screen UV protection

which makes coloured hair and brittle hair less vulnerable to the elements.

The health and quality of hair is preserved and restored by the Equaliser spray. Before

treatments like relaxing, tinting, bleaching and perming, the spray acts as a protector and also

maximises chemical absorption. As a conditioner spray, it adds moisture and restores natural

lustre and shine to dull and dry-prone hair.

A unique and special product with amazing effects, the silver shampoo caters for special needs.

This moisturising shampoo contains violet-blue neutralising agent that assists in toning down and

reducing undesired yellow-tones, adding more natural ash tones. Silver shampoo is ultra

specialised and need specific.

Silver Shampoo Argan Oil Shampoo      & Conditioner

The intensive moisturising properties of this shampoo revive and nourish dry and damaged hair.

It also adds volume and improved shine and manageability while providing colour protection.

 The shampoo solves your problem of battling to style hair that is not totally moisturised and

Nourished. Healthy hair makes for effortless styling…frizzy hair is moisturised, lifeless hair gets

more body and dry straight hair becomes healthy and sleek can finally hang loose.

Dry and damaged hair needs this condition, guaranteeing to reconstruct, detangle and replenish

moisture levels, resulting in instantly revitalising dull and weak hair. This conditioner repairs and

smoothes the cuticle and helps improve the structure of the hair

Argan Oil

Apply to dried hair to moisture and add natural shine. Use in small amounts as it is highly

effective. When it comes to this product, think moisturize and shine. It penetrates and

nourishes the hair pores, keeping hair hydrated and enhancing the elasticity. This is a dream for

any dry and damaged hair, sure to strengthen and repair. Also great on dry and brittle hair that

is often straightened with a flat iron. Argan oil is excellent to use as a brilliantine, adding shine

to dull hair while also soothing the roughness of some hair types. Argan oil is great on frizzy

hair. This product can be used to finish off looks with a bit if lustre.

Should you wish to purchase any of the products listed below please feel free to come and visit the salon. Illusions Hair Design in Robertson Or you

can e-mail Cornel for a complete product list with pricing to order online.

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