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Come and visit us at the Salon in Robertson to experience any of the following:

Photographic Shoot Studio Profile Photos “Compliment your new Image” Swiss Mask Hand Treatment (30 min) Improves elasticity of the skin Add shine to dull skin and improves blood circulation Biosculpture Gel Nail-care (90 min - 120 min) Natural feeling of longer nails (no toxic fumes) Permanent nail-protection in a variety of shades. Excellent repair for broken nails and nail-growing problems. - “EASI” Hair Extensions Human Hair = The Length & Colour that meet your own. Executive seamless double -sided finish. Re-Attachable Properties turn it into a long term investment. HANNON Hair & Make-Up Products Start with just 5-steps or get skills to turn from Day-to-Night. Anti-allergy ingredients with all products. Suitable for all Hair-Types. - 911-Aroma therapy scalp-and-shoulder massage (50 min) Indian-Hawaii and other stimulating techniques corrects scalp problems and improves HAIR condition. Both revitalizing and soothing massage 45mins JOICO Hair Treatment (25 min) Clarify and Exfoliate. Acidity and neutralize PH of Hair. Reconstruct with Protein Rebuild. Delivers and Restore moisture complex. - Brazilian Blowout Safest anti-frizz re-constructor in the world. Strengthen and Straighten Hair with Keratin split ends Repair by a special Protein Layer. - Ladine Relaxer Gentle on Hair, Permanent Straightening Ideal for Ethnic Hair Get a jump start to grow your Hair. Sulphite and Paraben Free products availible at Illusions Hair Ghd 1 V-styler exclusive irons Floating Ceramic plates; automatic safety switch that shuts down. Divaderm Lash/Brow Extender Temporary Enhancers with Micro Fibres for length and fullness. Lashes or Brows in a Bottle. “GOOCHIE” Permanent Lip Gels Oxidating gel that save’s your lips never to be without colour. - Eyelash Enhancer & New Brow Growth To increase the growth, including thickness, length and darkness. - Cover Grey Hair - Mascara Save the greays till you get time to go to the salon. - Ilumen Low-Lights Vibrant Streaks that grow out. New Ionic colour that lasts. - Indola Straight Permanent straightening Product for Extreme curls. Permanent effects to also flatten thickness. Suitable For Ethnic and Caucasian. Eyebrow/ Lash Wax/Plug and shaping. Tinting for a slight or dramatic definition. Make Me Over Design your personal Hair Style with an Experienced stylist. We can teach you a few Make-up tricks.  Do it in junction with a photo shoot or big event. “ELIM” Medi Heel Pedicure (90 min) Soft, Smooth heels in a single application Luxurious Treatment at a cost effective price. Modern twist On the Traditional Pedicures callus and hard skin removal. ENVIRON skin Perfection The A-Z of Facials, Peels Masques and Energizing Products. Unique ‘Ionzyme’ technology. ENVIRON Manual Facial Options: ENVIRON Hands-on Vitamin Therapy (60 min) No extractions - Luxurious Hands-on Treatment Relax calm and soothing. Restore your skin to its  Natural best ENVIRON Deep Cleansing Vitamin Therapy (75 min ) Suitable for the Normal to Dry skin and For the troublesome skin; Oiliness-congestion and acne. The only Environ facial were extractions are done. ENVIRON Ionzyme DF Machine Options: ENVIRON Ultimate Vitamin Therapy ( 90 min) Luxurious treatment for a wide range of skin care concerns. Intense penetration of active  Ingredients for visible resluts. ENVIRON Enhancing Vitamin Therapy (60 min) Developed to intensely focus on several key areas of concern. ENVIRON Precision Vitamin Therapy (30 - 60 min) This treatment targets specific areas of concern and is perfect when your time is limited. ENVIRON Purifying Vitamin Therapy (90 min) Purify, Micro-exfoliate and re hydrate. Improving the appearance of uneven skin texture and Problematic skin conditions. ENVIRON Cool peel Options: The safest, most effective pealing method available. Exfoliate systems developed by a plastic  Surgeon. Flexible for tailoring the peel to suit the client. Peels smoothes the skin but also rejuvenates. Environ Lac-Pamgel 10% mini Peel (45 min) ENVIRON Cream Peel (60 min) ENVIRON Gel Peel (60 - 90 min ) ENVIRON Body Option: Body exfoliation followed by applying body sculpting gel. Wrapped for 30 min improving  Circulation, firming and conditioning the appearance of an uneven skin texture. Environ Body Profile Treatment ( 60 min) Optional Extras: Décolleté (15 min) To treat chest (décolleté-area) 15 min added to selected treatment. ENVIRON Hand or Foot Treatment (30 min) Can be incorporated during facial or added to pedi- or manicure. Energises, refines and hydrates dry skin. Waxing Semi-permanent hair removal. Lasts up to four weeks. Eyebrows, lip, chin, Bikini, back, arms or legs. Men’s Pedicure (60 min) Well groomed feet is as important for men as for ladies, cut, file, cuticle work, medi-heel treatment for  Dry heels, foot soak and massage. No Paint! Massages Swedish Massage (75 min) Relaxing; yet getting all the knots free. Specially for the faint hearted and beginners. Mild or Deep But still focused Holistic Masssage (75 min) The deepest most Luxurious Massage. “Ashi” meaning foot - “Atsu” meaning pressure. Eliminates muscle pain and spasms. Increase flexibility and postural alignment. Relieves fatique, Swollen limbs, painful joints and headaches. NEW OZONE-THERAPY Best detox in the world. Suitable for Cancer patients, diabetics, low immunity, constant tiredness and  Arthritis. Loose centimeters and builds vitality. Click here to find out more… Ashi-Africa Barefoot Massage (60min) Manicure (60 - 75 min) The luxury of well dressed hand and nails. French Manicure or Maintenance Manicure. Accessories with Diamante BEADS Orly Gel FX (60 - 90 min) Your Express chip free manicute, colour meet care, vitamin infused. The result! Full protection & Incredible shine. Treats the ‘whole person’ body, mind and soul. Clears Lymphatic drainage system and releases toxins From the body. Relieves mental and emotional stresses and tensions.